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Come and experience the presence of God and join visitors and local Christians in the spring each year for stimulating and challenging Bible teaching and ministry from some of the most gifted preachers ministering today. Two meetings a day enjoy an audience of 250 - 300 participants from far and wide across the UK.

Sidmouth Beach
Sidmouth Beach

Keswick 2020

The next Keswick in Devon is planned for 2-6 March 2020 (Monday evening to Friday evening inclusive).  Keynote speakers will be Chris Sinkinson and Helen Morris, both of Moorlands College in Dorset. Full details to follow as soon as they are available.

KESWICK IN DEVON 2019 was from Monday 4 - Friday 8 March. The theme was 'Living a Radically Transformed Life':

'God the Father, God the Son - OK, but what about the Holy Spirit?' with David Jackman and James Grier

Note: To order CDs or MP3s of all the main sessions and seminars from Keswick in Devon 2019, contact Ground Vision by email at info@groundvision.org or phone 01392 2053511.

For details of songs and hymns featured at Keswick in Devon 2019, download this file: KESWICK IN DEVON 2019 - LIST OF SONGS AND SOURCES