Seminars are held on Friday morning, continuing the theme of the week, with the opportunity to attend two of the four offered.  Full details of our 2019 seminar programme to follow shortly. But we can confirm that two of our speakers are Dave Fenton of AfterWorkNet and Andy Flannagan of Christians in Politics

Dave Fenton

Transformed Living in Later Life – with Dave Fenton

Dave is a retired clergyman spending his after-work time lecturing at Moorlands College, sharing his faith at his local golf club and escaping to a cliff-top caravan in Cornwall. When fulltime work ends a new era begins. Hear how Christians can make the best of it – in their church, as salt and light, in their relations with others. And what church leaders need to know and do about those retiring with wisdom, time and energy and wanting to put God first.

Andy Flannagan

Transformed Living in Politics – with Andy Flannagan

Andy is a Luton-based Irish singer-songwriter who was previously a hospital doctor. A key driving passion of Andy's is to see a just ‘rewiring’ of the global economic system. He continues to juggle his work as Director of Christians in Politics with a music career.