We are always interested in hearing about the impact God has had on people's lives through Keswick in Devon. If you have testimony you would like to share, please get in touch.

We also seek feedback at the end of the week so here are some of the comments we have received.

2016 - I came to Keswick in Devon two years after my husband died and I was still in a very dark place. I could not accept his death. David Coffey was the main speaker and on the Wednesday evening - I can't now remember exactly what he said - but God performed what I can only describe as a miracle. In an instant I was able to accepted that my husband was gone. From that time I have been able to move on. I still miss him terribly and I still cry, but I am moving on.

2017 - Love the new format, cracking good Keswick brought up to date without losing the depth.

2017 - Loved the whole programme, a spiritual feast.

2017 - quality speakers, interesting and appropriate topics

2017 - I found it hard to learn new songs, prefer hymns with gusto.

2017 - Really appreciated the sung worship, thoughtfully and consistently led.