Our 2022 Conference

Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith (Philippians 1.25)

Following the cancellation of the 2021 Keswick in Devon Conference due to the COVID pandemic, plans are now well advanced to hold our next conference in Sidmouth from 7-11 March 2022. The theme of our conference is ‘joy’. Our hopes and prayers are to make this conference a source of encouragement and stimulus to all of us as we rise to the challenges and opportunities of a post-pandemic world. Marcus Honeysett and Amy Orr-Ewing are our keynote speakers.

Marcus Honeysett

Marcus Honeysett

Our morning keynote speaker will be Marcus Honeysett (left). Marcus will be speaking from Paul’s letter to the Philippians on the theme of joy. After postgraduate studies in Postmodern Philosophy, Marcus worked for UCCF, including leading the work for the Greater London area. Today he is Director of Living Leadership, which provides training and ongoing pastoral nurture for leaders and spouses. His passion is training preachers and preaching about grace. Marcus is the elder for training and discipleship at Crofton Baptist Church in South London and is married to Ros.

Click here to listen to Marcus speaking about his passion for the book of Philippians.

Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy Orr-Ewing

Our evening keynote speaker will be Amy Orr-Ewing. Amy will be speaking on the theme of mission from the book of Jonah.

Dr Orr-Ewing is an international author, speaker and theologian who addresses the deep questions of our day with meaningful answers found in the Christian faith.  A Senior Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, she is the author of multiple books including ‘Where is God in All the Suffering?’ and bestselling, ‘Why Trust the Bible?’

Over the last twenty years, Amy has given talks and answered questions about the Christian faith on university campuses around the world. She has also addressed Parliamentarians at the UK Parliament and staffers on Capitol Hill, and at the West Wing of the White House. She regularly responds to invitations to speak in banks, businesses, and consultancy firms as well as churches and conferences. Amy is interested in the intersection of questions of meaning and faith with the marketplace, education and policymaking.

Amy holds a doctorate in Theology from the University of Oxford.

A 2022 Outline Programme can be found here.


Seminars will be run on Thursday morning, starting at 9.30 am with a brief introduction followed by the opportunity to choose two out of the four seminars on offer. For details of the seminars on offer click here.