2024 Programme

Monday 4 March:

7.45 pm: Opening Session with Nick Crawley and Esther Prior

Tuesday 5 March:

10.45 am: Acts 2-7 – The Jewish Pentecost: the Spirit, the Gospel and the Church – with Nick Crawley

7.45 pm: Esther 2.1-18 – Esther’s preparation, with Esther Prior

Wednesday 6 March:

10.45 am: Acts 8-15 – The Gentile Pentecost, with Nick Crawley

7.45 pm: Esther 4.1-17 – Esther’s destiny, with Esther Prior

Thursday 7 March:

9.30 am: Living Faithfully – Seminars

7.45 pm: Esther 6.1-17 – Esther’s God and his people, with Esther Prior

Friday 8 March:

10.45 am: Acts 16-20 – The Ephesian Pentecost, with Nick Crawley

* Doors open for morning sessions at 10.00 am (except Thursday when they open at 9.00).  Doors open at 7.00 for evening sessions.

* Parking is very limited at the church.  You are advised to park offsite if possible.

* Coffee  and tea are served in the church hall before each meeting and after evening meetings.

* The Mustard Seed bookstall and mission exhibitions can be found in the church hall.

* All plenary sessions will be video recorded and available to download or view on our YouTube channel after the event.

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