Esther on Esther

Esther Prior introduces her series of talks on the book of Esther:

Esther: For Such a Time as This 

‘For such a time as this’ is perhaps overused and too obvious a title to fall on when considering Esther. But the book of Esther gives us a way of viewing our multi-cultural world and seeing that God is at work even in the most secular of communities and in the most godless circumstances.  

There are lessons to be learnt from the great biblical heroes of the past, Esther and Mordecai. They lived, loved, had faith, and took courageous action in a decadent empire that did not acknowledge God. It feels to me like a message for us to take hold of for such a time as this. 

Preparation Reading 

  1. Esther’s Preparation: 1 – 2:18  
  2. Esther’s Destiny: 2:19 – 4  
  3. Esther’s God and his People: 5 – 10 

Session Readings  

  1. Esther’s Preparation: 2:1-18  
  2. Esther’s Destiny: 4.1-17 
  3. Esther’s God and his People: 6.1-14  
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