Living Faithfully: Seminars

On Thursday morning, four seminars will be on offer. Participants will be able to attend two of these of their choice. Venues will be confirmed nearer the time. The four seminars and their speakers are:

Jenny Flannagan: Making sense of the mental health crisis in children and young people

Jenny is an Art Therapist and an Integrative Psychotherapist working for the NHS and in private practice with adolescents and adults. She also trained as an actress and is still a member of the cabaret theatre company she founded in 2008. She moved to Devon with her family in 2022 and loves swimming in the sea at every opportunity.  She comments: ‘We have been told our children and young people are in a mental health crisis; and many of us have experienced the pain of this firsthand. How do we understand these challenges in light of our faith, and how can the church (and individual Christians) respond in  meaningful way?’

Andy Flannagan: Christian Engagement in Politics

Andy is Executive Director of Christians in Politics, whose mission is to inspire and encourage Christians to get involved in politics and public life. Andy says: ‘We believe that decisions are made by those who show up. We strive to put kingdom before tribe and disagree well. Christians in Politics draws together Christians from across the political parties and beyond, and from across the breadth of the church’.

Esther Prior: Women in the Bible and in the Church 

In conversation with 1 Timothy 2, Esther will be exploring how it is that she feels able to both lead and teach, while remaining committed to the authority of Scripture – maintaining that the bible must remain the norm of truth and the ultimate authority from which our understanding and our actions should flow.  

Nick Crawley: How to Engage with Scripture

‘Bible for Life’ which Nick founded in 2014 has been developed to help men and women engage with scripture, discover its treasures for themselves, put Jesus’ teaching into practice, and live by the Spirit in His kingdom. The material on the website is designed to include a combination of different learning approaches and levels of engagement. The workshop will provide an introduction to the resources that are available on Bible for Life.

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